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Posted on Nov 27, 2013
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I saw a link on Facebook last week that talked about the importance of purchasing a wedding album. The words of the author reminded me of why I love our Story Books so much.


Being a photographer, you would expect that I take lots of photos of my family – and, you would be right. But, you wouldn’t expect that up until a couple of years ago the majority of those photos were stored on the hard drive of my computer. Sad, lonely photographs of all kinds – happy vacations, painful first ear-piercing of my youngest, First Communions… digital files that I treasured so much that I… did nothing with them. READ MORE

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Searching for the perfect wedding photographer is a daunting task. It’s fairly simple to find a body of work you like, and maybe even to connect on a personality level, but when it comes to pricing… one word: confusing.

Before I partnered with Tammy to form Sorelle Photography, I constantly struggled with pricing. I changed my model more times than I can count, always seeking to find the right formula to make my clients happy and still maintain profitability. I’m telling you… this is a delicate balancing act and I’m not ashamed to admit that I never mastered it.

So, when Tammy and I started talking about developing an innovative (though now it’s becoming more mainstream) pricing structure, I was super excited!


Posted on Mar 16, 2013

The wedding is over. The months and months of planning, preparation and panic will soon be a distant memory. You’ll look back and smile at a fond memory of that day, that evening, but the memories will slowly fade and it won’t be long before someone will mention something that happened at the reception and it will take 2 or 3 people to remember all of the details. You know what I’m talking about, right?

This is when your story book will become absolutely priceless. You will stare at those images, your finger lightly brushing the page and, like a time machine, those beautiful, timeless images will sweep you right back to those moments – as if they were yesterday. READ MORE