Posted on Jul 26, 2017

Macey and Kirk were married on a gorgeous Saturday in July.

The girls began their day at Bouffant Hair Salon with nibbling bagels and sipping mimosas while the guys… what, slept in?

Pretty typical depiction of the stressful schedule the groomsmen had to endure – while the ladies were dealing with the kiddos and finishing touches of hair and makeup, the guys are just chillin’, waiting for someone to tell them what to do next.

Although the groom had originally anticipated seeing his bride for the first time as she appeared in the church sanctuary, he and Macey made a decision to do a First Look instead, granting them a little more breathing room for photos and a welcomed opportunity to calm nerves and spend a quiet moment together in preparation for a busy day of celebration and love. (We LOVE First Looks!)


The weather forecast had called for overcast skies all week (which is typically better than harsh noon-day sun)  and we were thrilled to be so close to the picturesque Boneyard Creek, so we headed out with the bride and groom to a secluded spot for them to experience their First Look.

There may have been a concern about the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time 🙂 , but with the added suspense of one of the couple’s last sweet kisses as an engaged couple, he did not disappoint us!

The sun surprised us after the First Look; and, while a sun-shiny day is wonderful for wedding guests, it proved to be tricky for our photos! The wedding party was patient as we ducked into shaded areas and we were able to capture some stunning photos of the bride and groom even if things didn’t go exactly as we had hoped and planned.

Finally off to the ceremony and it was filled with several meaningful and emotional touches that were special to the couple. Macey’s brother and cousin sang beautifully!

A few more ‘shots’ and then off to the reception to dance the night away!



As always, Party on Productions did a killer job keeping the party going all night long!

Macey & Kirk- thank you for the honor of allowing us to capture every moment of your wedding day. You are surrounded by amazing an family and friends and we know yours will be a marriage of love and unparalleled joy!