Posted on Nov 27, 2013
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I saw a link on Facebook last week that talked about the importance of purchasing a wedding album. The words of the author reminded me of why I love our Story Books so much.


Being a photographer, you would expect that I take lots of photos of my family – and, you would be right. But, you wouldn’t expect that up until a couple of years ago the majority of those photos were stored on the hard drive of my computer. Sad, lonely photographs of all kinds – happy vacations, painful first ear-piercing of my youngest, First Communions… digital files that I treasured so much that I… did nothing with them.

Many of you are nodding your head in acknowledgment here… you’re thinking of your own digital images sharing the same fate! This is my official call to action. Yes, I’m talking to you! My Public Service Announcement. Photo Books (Sorelle Story Books) are an investment you will never regret. The memories showcased in them will pick you up when you’re feeling down, remind you of special times and special people and tell a story – your story.


Two years ago I made a two-part New Year’s Resolution (yes, I am a believer in these!). 1) I would take more photos of my life – all of it 2) I would design and print an end-of-year photo book every year. best.resolution.ever. I ADORE these books as do all of my guests who casually thumb through them when they visit me. Over and over and over again we are blessed with the opportunity to re-live these precious moments from our lives – our history.StoryBookBlogPost_0001

…treasured for generations.

The author of the article I referenced above is spot-on with her point. Albums are treasured for generations. They provide tangible evidence of the memories captured. Through years of flipping through them, fingers lightly brushing faces, tears quickly brushed away from their pages, they are history books of our lives.

Tammy and I are so proud of the Story Books we deliver to our couples. They are so much more than a wedding album in our minds… they are heavy, premium gorgeous books that will stand the test of time and provide a lifetime of memories not only to the bride and groom, but their friends, family and future generations. They are the kind of books that you know the moment you touch the cover you are about to encounter magic – as you gently open the cover your senses heighten and you are met with exactly what your mind anticipated – precious, beautiful images of a wedding day full of love, laughter and pure joy.


There is not much out there more worthy of an investment than emotional, beautiful images bound in a gorgeous book!

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