Posted on Nov 23, 2013

We’ve all heard stories about “love at first sight”, but the story of Kevin and Kristen began more subtly. Like the first time you try to light a campfire – striking the match, building up the kindling, patiently waiting for that first spark and then celebrating the roaring fire that eventually results – their love steadily grew over a period of time when their intention was friendship, not romance.

Life has a way of throwing in some surprises along the way and their friendship grew into more… much more. The chemistry between these two is palpable. It was undeniable during their engagement session and their wedding was no exception. At the risk of sounding terribly cliche, Kevin and Kristen simply “fit” together – like pieces to a puzzle.


It is immediately evident that Kevin and Kristen truly cherish every minute spent together, but they still take time to nurture their individual passions. This individuality coupled with the romance they share is the perfect formula for a happy marriage.


On November 16th 2013 Kristen and Kevin joined their lives forever. Their wedding was held in Champaign, IL at New Covenant Fellowship in a special ceremony presided over by Kevin’s grandpa Ron. We love that our images captured the moment when Kevin saw his bride – the way she took his breath away. It’s easy to see why… Kristen was a gorgeous bride!


The celebration that followed at The Laborer’s Union Hall was filled with joy, heartfelt toasts, and lots of love. The DJ of Bravo! Entertainment kept the evening going by getting people out on the dance floor!


Kevin and Kristen – best wishes and congratulations on your marriage. May you find unimaginable happiness and joy in your happily ever after!

love and blessings,




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