Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Searching for the perfect wedding photographer is a daunting task. It’s fairly simple to find a body of work you like, and maybe even to connect on a personality level, but when it comes to pricing… one word: confusing.

Before I partnered with Tammy to form Sorelle Photography, I constantly struggled with pricing. I changed my model more times than I can count, always seeking to find the right formula to make my clients happy and still maintain profitability. I’m telling you… this is a delicate balancing act and I’m not ashamed to admit that I never mastered it.

So, when Tammy and I started talking about developing an innovative (though now it’s becoming more mainstream) pricing structure, I was super excited!

I won’t go into detail in a blog post about our pricing – head over to the Contact page for that ;), but here’s the basic overview:

Traditional wedding photography is priced in “Collections” or “Packages”. Typically you have a minimum of three choices and the photographer has priced them so that the majority of clients choose the middle package. This is a solid strategy and I’m certainly not one to argue what is working for others, but I always struggled with one thing…

Is an 8 x 10 print really worth $50 to me? And, if not to me, will it be worth it to my brides?

Don’t get me wrong… these photographers know that the print itself is not likely worth that amount of money, but the time, expertise and cost of business must be built into that cost or the photographer will go out of business. I get it. Still… when all is said and done, it’s still an 8 x 10 print and perception is reality.

**disclaimer: I use 8 x 10 just because it’s easy to relate to, even though (as a Sorelle discerning bride) you SHOULD be more interested in the cost of a 16 x 20 canvas. 😉 **

So, Tammy and I talked about this. And researched and talked and talked some more. What if… we simplify pricing? What if we make it super easy for brides to understand what they get with a Sorelle wedding?



What if we become completely transparent?




So, our pricing structure began to transform. And, we’re still tweaking it. But, I’m still so excited about it because it means that you know exactly what you’re paying for the time, expertise, equipment, and experience and you get AWESOME pricing for professional quality prints and products that YOU choose!

This means that you can afford to display these beautiful images and, incidentally, it’s also good for us because when your friends and family see your gorgeous canvas, they’re going to book with us too! 😉

Don’t you LOVE consumer-driven pricing?!