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Posted on Jul 26, 2017

Macey and Kirk were married on a gorgeous Saturday in July.

The girls began their day at Bouffant Hair Salon with nibbling bagels and sipping mimosas while the guys… what, slept in?

Pretty typical depiction of the stressful schedule the groomsmen had to endure – while the ladies were dealing with the kiddos and finishing touches of hair and makeup, the guys are just chillin’, waiting for someone to tell them what to do next.

Although the groom had originally anticipated seeing his bride for the first time as she appeared in the church sanctuary, he and Macey made a decision to do a First Look instead, granting them a little more breathing room for photos and a welcomed opportunity to calm nerves and spend a quiet moment together in preparation for a busy day of celebration and love. (We LOVE First Looks!)


The weather forecast had called for overcast skies all week (which is typically better than harsh noon-day sun)  and we were thrilled to be so close to the picturesque Boneyard Creek, so we headed out with the bride and groom to a secluded spot for them to experience their First Look.

There may have been a concern about the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time 🙂 , but with the added suspense of one of the couple’s last sweet kisses as an engaged couple, he did not disappoint us!

The sun surprised us after the First Look; and, while a sun-shiny day is wonderful for wedding guests, it proved to be tricky for our photos! The wedding party was patient as we ducked into shaded areas and we were able to capture some stunning photos of the bride and groom even if things didn’t go exactly as we had hoped and planned.

Finally off to the ceremony and it was filled with several meaningful and emotional touches that were special to the couple. Macey’s brother and cousin sang beautifully!

A few more ‘shots’ and then off to the reception to dance the night away!



As always, Party on Productions did a killer job keeping the party going all night long!

Macey & Kirk- thank you for the honor of allowing us to capture every moment of your wedding day. You are surrounded by amazing an family and friends and we know yours will be a marriage of love and unparalleled joy! 


Posted on Sep 30, 2016
Posted in Engagements

The day of this super cute engagement session started a little gloomy with a pretty ominous weather forecast so what better way to start than with  some delicious mini-cupcakes from Cream and Flutter? (seriously… try the red velvet, they are yummy)


Macey warned us that she was nervous and she laughs a lot when she’s nervous. As you will see, Macey has a gorgeous smile that lights up the room, so it kinda worked in our favor that she was nervous.

Smart Logue Engagement_0002


Macey and Kirk have been together for three years and the friendship they have in each other is an integral part of their love story.

Smart Logue Engagement_0007


How sweet are they together?

Smart Logue Engagement_0004

Those smiles, though! Such a beautiful couple…

Smart Logue Engagement_0005

Macey & Kirk – we had a blast hanging out with you for your engagement session. We can’t wait to spend July 8, 2017 with you, capturing the day you will spend surrounded by your family and friends and beginning this new chapter of your lives together.

Smart Logue Engagement_0006



Posted on Jul 03, 2015

A little something we put together for our newest Sorelle couple…

*we are NOT videographers but love to share images and short clips that tell the story of this special day set to the song they danced to for the first time as husband and wife



Posted on Jun 22, 2015

This love story is one of our favorites to date!

Francis (Fran) and Jennifer (Jenn) met through their church when they were just teenagers – alll the way back in 2008. Somehow, their love stood the test of time and got them through college degrees and full time careers with long distances between them – all the way to their wedding day on June 13, 2015.

First Look

We were so honored to have been chosen to capture the memories of their wedding day. These two are truly the most amazing people to know. They are a gorgeous couple for sure, but the kind of people they are on the inside…well, let’s just say if there were more couples like them in the world life would be sweeter, kinder, and WAY more fun.

First Look

We aren’t just saying that either… the proof that we aren’t alone in this opinion is in the amazing group of friends and family that surrounded them on their wedding day. And, we do mean surrounded. As the wedding day drew closer, the social media posts just kept pouring in – heartfelt messages to the bride and groom served as a true testament to who they are and how much they are adored.

First Look(the bridesmaids were bummed that they couldn’t watch the first look… so they stalked the bride and groom from afar!)


First LookCeremony

Along with all that sappiness though… is a ton of adventure and laughter that will no doubt provide the spice of life for this wonderful couple.

Wedding PartyMarried! JepsenFB2015_0008JepsenFB2015_0005Tons of fun at the reception!



Look at these two! Gorgeous!!JepsenFB2015_0009 JepsenFB2015_0010

I love this one of Jenn and her big sis!  JepsenFB2015_0016

Mr. and Mrs. Jepsen – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your wedding images – it was such a pleasure witnessing your love and devotion and we wish you the happiest ever after!JepsenFB2015_0017


Posted on Oct 28, 2014

When two people have been together as long as Fran and Jenn have, you might expect photographs depicting a love that is strong, true and meant to last forever. You won’t be disappointed in what we are about to show you!

We always start our session with some easy photos that we never expect to be shown because it’s a “warm-up”. These images are meant to just get everyone talking and starting to feel comfortable together and with being photographed.

Fran and Jenn come together so naturally and their love is so palpable, even these first few images were magical.


Fran swept Jenn off her feet before she even graduated high school and they’ve weathered a long distance relationship while she went away to school. After all this, no wonder they fit so perfectly together.


The beautiful weather and fall colors were begging for some fun sunny photos to capture this fresh, vibrant future bride and groom


Just look at these two – such a gorgeous couple!


I passed this street on the way to the session and couldn’t resist going back. It’s no Dirty Dancing move (though I’m expecting to see that at the reception), but it works! Fran was such a good sport and only regretted the game of football that he had played that weekend.


Fran and Jenn – Tammy and I are thrilled that you have chosen us to capture your wedding. We can’t wait to spend the day with you telling your story in images that you will treasure for a lifetime!




Posted on Nov 27, 2013
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I saw a link on Facebook last week that talked about the importance of purchasing a wedding album. The words of the author reminded me of why I love our Story Books so much.


Being a photographer, you would expect that I take lots of photos of my family – and, you would be right. But, you wouldn’t expect that up until a couple of years ago the majority of those photos were stored on the hard drive of my computer. Sad, lonely photographs of all kinds – happy vacations, painful first ear-piercing of my youngest, First Communions… digital files that I treasured so much that I… did nothing with them. READ MORE

Posted on Nov 23, 2013

We’ve all heard stories about “love at first sight”, but the story of Kevin and Kristen began more subtly. Like the first time you try to light a campfire – striking the match, building up the kindling, patiently waiting for that first spark and then celebrating the roaring fire that eventually results – their love steadily grew over a period of time when their intention was friendship, not romance. READ MORE

Posted on Oct 27, 2013

Last weekend we were honored to photograph the Marxmiller – Foster Wedding. Ken “Foster” and Jennifer go together like vodka goes with water, sugar, and lemons (the wedding party knows what we’re talking about here). Just like the Yucca cocktail (recipe here) Foster and Jen blended two beautiful families on October 19th, their wedding day. READ MORE

Posted on Aug 28, 2013

Kristin fell in love with this location and when she told Kevin about it, he didn’t believe it existed. I learned that this is kind of a theme in their relationship – 2 years ago they also didn’t believe they would ever date.


Posted on Aug 02, 2013

I love engagement sessions because it gives us an opportunity to spend some time with our couples prior to the wedding day. This is when we learn how comfortable they are in front of the camera and how they interact with each other.

I knew from our booking session that this particular couple never has their photo taken and it’s really not their thing to pose for the camera for an hour, so we did this session in record time… about 30 minutes.

Jen and Foster (Ken’s nickname) were troopers, following me all around the University of Illinois Arboretum grounds and we got some great shots.